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International Scientific Journal


(111) Thermodonor activation energy and mechanisms of tensoeffects in transmutation-doped g-irradiated silicon
Yu.P. Dotsenko, V.M. Ermakov, A.E. Gorin, V.I. Khivrych, V.V. Kolomoets, V.F. Machulin, L.I. Panasjuk, I.V. Prokopenko, B.B. Sus'. E.F. Venger

(115) Chemical bonding and optical bowing in III-nitrides solid solutions
O.V. Voznyy, V.G. Deibuk

(121) Analysis of luminescence method applicability for determination of Cd1-xZnxTe composition
K.D. Glinchuk, N.M. Litovchenko, O.N. Strilchuk

(129) Ion induced field effect in silicon in nematic liquid crystal cell
M.I. Gritsenko, S.I. Kucheev

(134) Investigation of some mechanisms for formation of exciton absorption bands in layered semiconductor n-InSe and p-GaSe crystals
Yu.I. Zhirko, I.P. Zharkov

(141) Effects of interband phototunneling and filling the bands in electroreflectance spectra of germanium
P.A. Gentsar, L.A. Matveeva, A.A. Kudryavtsev, E.F. Venger

(147) Evolution of defective structure of the irradiated silicon during natural ageing
I.M. Fodchuk, T.G. Gutsulyak, O.G. Himchynsky, A.V. Olijnich-Lysjuk, N.D. Raransky

(153) Growing Cd1-x-yMnyHgxTe single crystals and their optoelectronic properties
S.Yu. Paranchych, L.D. Paranchych, Yu.V. Tanasyuk, V.R. Romanyuk, V.M. Makogonenko, R.M. Yurtsenyuk

(156) Change of carrier spectrum in layer semiconductors caused by strong electromagnetic wave field
B.A. Lukiyanets

(160) Characterization of CdTe+Mn crystals depending on doping procedure
E.S. Nikoniuk, Z.I. Zakharuk, I.M. Rarenko, M.I. Kuchma, I.M. Yurijchuk

(164) Investigation of the optical and acoustical phonon modes in Si1-xGex QD SLs
V.N. Dzhagan, Z.F. Krasil'nik, P.M. Lytvyn, A.V. Novikov, M.Ya. Valakh, V.O. Yukhymchuk

(169) Enhancement of CdSSe QD exciton luminescence efficiency by hydrogen RF plasma treatment
V.P. Kunets, N.R. Kulish, V.V. Strelchuk, A.N. Nazarov, A.S. Tkachenko, V.S. Lysenko, M.P. Lisitsa

(172) Characteristics of confined exciton states in silicon quantum wires
D.V. Korbutyak, Yu.V. Kryuchenko, I.M. Kupchak, A.V. Sachenko

(183) Topography of Si epitaxial monolayers obtained on Si (001) substrate by computer simulations
L. Pyziak, W. Obermayr, K. Zembrowska, M. Kuzma

(189) Effect of the sapphire substrate on spectral emission features of LEDs based on InGaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
D. I. Bletskan, O. R. Lukyanchuk, O. D. Bletskan

(192) Photovoltage and photocurrent spectroscopy of luminescent porous silicon
O.V. Vakulenko, S.V. Kondratenko

(197) High efficient solar cells and modules based on diamond-like carbon film - multicrystalline Si structures
N.I. Klyui, O.B. Korneta, V.P. Kostylyov, V.G. Litovchenko, A.V. Makarov, V.N. Dikusha, L.V. Neselevska, V.I. Gorbulik

(202) Effect of microwave treatment on the parameters of Au-TiBx-GaAs(SiC 6H) surface-barrier structures
S.K. Abdizhaliev, K.A. Ismailov, A.B. Kamalov, Ya.Ya. Kudrik

(205) On thermal emission of small-sized radiator
E.A. Salkov, G.S. Svechnikov

(210) Polarization and angular peculiarities of IR emission of thin film semiconductor structures
O.G. Kollyukh, A.I. Liptuga, V.O. Morozhenko, V.I. Pipa

(214) Temperature dependence of luminescence pecularities in oxygen doped ZnTe films
N.V. Malushin, V.M. Skobeeva, V.A. Smyntyna

(217) Effect of constant electric field on electronic absorption spectra of dye-doped amorphous polymer films
N.A. Davidenko, N.G. Chuprin, M.A. Zabolotny, N.A. Derevyanko, A.A. Ishchenko

(223) Ultrasound influence on exciton emission of GaP light diodes
O.M. Gontaruk,V.I. Khivrych, M.B. Pinkovska, V.P. Tartachnyk, Ya.M. Olikh, R.M. Vernydub, V.Ya. Opilat

(227) Studies of CdHgTe as a material for x- and g-ray detectors
L.A. Kosyachenko, V.V. Kulchynsky, O.L. Maslyanchuk, S.Yu. Paranchych, V.M. Sklyarchuk

(233)Peculiarities of injection phenomena in heavily doped silicon structures and development of radiation-resistant diode temperature sensors
Yu.M. Shwarts, V.N. Sokolov, M.M. Shwarts, E.F. Venger

(238) Dielectric response of disordered ferroelectrics with embedded charged clusters
A.N. Morozovska, E.A. Eliseev, V.V. Obukhovsky

(249) Synthesis recording and metrology of laser beams with phase singularities
A.A. Ivanovskyy, I.V. Basistiy, M.S. Soskin

(254) Detection and metrology of optical vortex helical wave fronts
G.V. Bogatiryova, M.S. Soskin

(259) Electric properties of metal-organic lyotropic liquid crystals
G.V. Klimusheva, └.V. ╩oval'chuk

(264) One-dimensional warm electron transport in GaN quantum well wires at low temperatures
S.K. Sarkar

(269) Personalia Vadim Evgenovich LASHKARYOV
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