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International Scientific Journal


(269) Properties of the shallow - D- centers in semiconductors with polar and covalent binding
N.I. Kashirina, V.D. Lakhno, V.V. Sychyov, M.K. Sheinkman

(274) Capture coefficients of free excitons by shallow acceptors and donors in gallium arsenide
K.D. Glinchuk, N.M. Litovchenko, O.N. Strilchuk

(278) Injection currents in lamellar crystals of gallium telluride
R.S. Madatov, T.B. Tagiyev, I.A. Gabulov, T.M. Abbasova

(282) Role of silicon oxide defects in emission process of Si-SiO2 systems
M. Baran, B. Bulakh, N. Korsunska, L. Khomenkova, V. Yukhymchuk, M.Sheinkman

(287) Resonance Raman scattering by intersubband plasmon-phonon excitations in InAs/AlSb structures
M.Ya. Valakh, V.V. Strelchuk, O.F. Kolomys, V.G. Litovchenko, H.L.Hartnagel, J.Sigmund

(294) Influence of cation vacancy related defects on the self-assembly processes in CdSe/ZnSe quantum dot heterostructures
L.V. Borkovska, N.O. Korsunska, V.I. Kushnirenko, Yu.G. Sadofyev, M.K. Sheinkman

(299) Mechanism of photoinduced luminescence degradation in CdSXSe1-X quantum dots
V.P. Kunets, N.R. Kulish, M.P. Lisitsa, V.P. Bryksa

(303) Regularities of visible photoluminescence creation in low-dimensional silicon structures
E.G. Manoilov

(307) Avalanche multiplication of charge carriers in nanostructured porous silicon
D.F. Timokhov, F.P. Timokhov

(311) Heat-resistant ohmic and barrier contacts for GaAs-based microwave devices
V.N. Ivanov, R.V. Konakova, V.V. Milenin, M.A. Stovpovoi

(316) Many particle and bandstructure effects in intersubband quantum well optics
M.F. Pereira Jr.

(319) The features of phonon component of linear dichroism in uniaxially strained silicon crystals
B.K. Serdega, E.F. Venger, I.E. Matyash

(324) Photo-microdomains in ferroelectrics: formation and light scattering caused by them
A.N. Morozovska, E.A. Eliseev, V.V. Obukhovsky, V.V. Lemeshko

(333) Spatial-temporal peculiarities of periodical PILS in ferroelectric PR-crystals
A.N. Morozovska, V.V. Obukhovsky

(346) Analysis of exciton reflection spectrum of 2H-PbI2 layered single crystals with atomically clean surface
V.G. Dorogan, V.O. Zhydkov, F.V. Motsnyi, O.M. Smolanka

(349) Optical characterization of thin Au films by standard and polaritonic ellipsometry
N.L. Dmitruk, O.V. Fursenko, O.S. Kondratenko, V.R. Romanyuk

(354) Optical characteristics of Al2O3 oxide coatings on copper mirrors made by diamond microgrinding
V.A. Odarich, L.V. Poperenko, V.S. Staschuk, Y.V. Filipov

(357) Error detection and debugging on information in communication system using single electron circuit based binary decision diagram
A.K. Biswas, S.K. Sarkar

(365) Destabilizing factors in operation of short-cavity He-Ne laser
G.L. Kononchuk, V.V. Stukalenko

(370) Design and testing of iodine cells for metrological laser application
A.M. Negriyko, O.V. Boyko, N.M. Kachalova, V.M. Khodakovskiy, O.I. Klochko

(378) Non-uniformity of cross-beam laser power distribution as a source of errors in non-linear spectroscopy
S.E. Zelensky

(382) Noise-induced escape flux on time-scales preceding quasistationarity
S.M. Soskin, V.I. Sheka, T.L. Linnik

(386) Some properties of extremely restricted thermal radiation beams
E.A. Salkov, G.S. Svechnikov

(392) Investigation of superlattice structure parameters using quasi-forbidden reflections
V.P. Kladko , L.I. Datsenko, A.A. Korchovyi, V.F. Machulin, P.M. Lytvyn, A.V. Shalimov, A.V. Kuchuk, P.P. Kogutyuk

(397) Domino phase retrieval algorithm for structure determination using electron diffraction and high resolution transmission electron microscopy patterns
F. N. Chukhovskii, A. M. Poliakov, I. V. Prokopenko

(404) New non-linear model to determine the Cgs and Cgd capacities of GaAs mesfet
N. Merabtine, S. Amourache, Y. Saidi, M. Zaabat, Ch. Kenzai

(411) Approximation of electro-optical characteristics of a ChLC at transitions from the homeotropic texture
A. Rybalochka, M. Chumachkova, V. Sorokin

(417) Diffraction and interference in wave light phenomena for optical element testing
O.P. Budnyk, R.A. Lymarenko

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